Welcome to my bookshelf. I am keeping track of the books I read, mostly for myself. Feel free to peruse!

Curated shelves:

Anti-racist (and Societally Beneficial) Technology

If you work in technology, and particularly in AI, you should think about how your work influences society. Start here.

Meditation and the Modern Mind

Figuring out the nature of your mind seems to be the ultimate challenge of life.

Playing the Long Game (of Health)

If you follow much of what I do, you know I am in it for the long game. I spend a lot of time trying to balance between peak performance and the longevity game. It is really a game of trying to serve two masters, but performance is fun and longevity is required, so we do what we can. More to come here!

Sports Books that Don't Suck

It's too hard to find books about sports that are well written and fun to read. I am trying to keep track of them!

Top Picks

Keeping track of some of the best books I have read recently.

All (memorable) Books Below!