Quick thoughts.

Collecting what I have been working on and thinking about across all channels of my life. View them below, or subscribe.


Long form pieces.

I have been using writing as a way to distill my ideas, but it is also fantastic to share and communicate what I am pondering. My writing here is miscellaneous thoughts I deemed worth sharing. Here are some themes that you find I touch on:

  • Technology, machine learning specifically, and deep dives into learning new things.
  • Athletics, human optimization, and long-term health.
  • Mental health, happiness, the nature of being, meditation.
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I have also started a roughly weekly newsletter on automation, robotics, and AI. I am trying to figure out how these new technologies will impact society, and write regular high quality content.

Democratizing Automation

On machine learning and robotics. The interface of systems and society.  The border between high-level and technical thinking.

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