Media coverage

Nathan has been involved in many media outlets covering the rapid progress of AI. He's been on old school outlets NPR and involved in many outlets including The Verge, Business Insider, Fortune, and more! This same work has also been featured highly on Hacker News and Techmeme.

[2023] Berkeley Low-cost Interplanetary Solar Sail

Some fun work on small space craft! This was featured in The Register.

[Fall 2022 - 2023] Reinforcement learning from human feedback

My work and research on RLHF has been referenced in many popular media sources.

[2022] Reward Reports for Reinforcement Learning

Our call for new forms of ML documentation is growing.

[Fall 2021] Choices, Risks, and Reward Reports: Charting Public Policy for Reinforcement Learning Systems

This paper has been covered in a few newsletters as we begin to publicize this growing line of work.
  • ChinAI by Jeffry Ding "Must Read"
  • ImportAI by Jack Clark "Why we need public policy for powerful reinforcement learning systems"