Nathan is a robot learning researcher, writer, non-professional athlete, and a mental-health advocate.

There really is too much noise.

I do my best to only contribute high signal content on machine learning, human optimization, and the nature of life.

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Job Hunt as a PhD in AI / ML / RL: How it Actually Happens

The full breakdown of what a job search in AI with a new Ph.D. looks like.


The last reliable (available) path into AI

A confluence of trends leaves AI+something, rather than pure AI, as the last great path into machine learning research.


ML/RL & Microrobotics

A memo I wrote to my research group on the open questions when applying machine learning to another research area: novel microrobotics.

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Camels in a Changing Climate: Enhancing LM Adaptation with Tulu 2

Advancements in instruction tuning and RLHF! Empirical studies.

The Alignment Ceiling: Objective Mismatch in Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback

How the optimization setup of RLHF is limiting the steerability of LLMs.

Zephyr: Direct Distillation of LM Alignment

The report for a small and powerful chat model trained with DPO!
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